The Syracuse Community Center Collaborative is a unique partnership among four community centers united by an MOU. Serving the four quadrants of the city, the Collaborative is composed by Westcott Community Center, Syracuse Northeast Community Center, Syracuse Community Connections and Huntington Family Centers.


We strengthen Syracuse neighborhoods by supporting families.

Our collaborative human service work helps neighbors access opportunities to build the lives they want to live.

What we do

Collectively, we serve 23,000 of Syracuse’s most vulnerable residents while retaining the neighborhood connection and trust generated through decades of committed community service.

Our operational model of shared staff and services allows us to fill gaps, address needs, and best serve the community through enhanced efficiencies and strategic efforts.

Collaborative Programs & Initiatives

Through the Syracuse Community Center Collaborative we are able to expand and improve the programming at each center. Additionally, we partner with others to bring initiatives such as:

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Interested in connecting with us? Contact: Patrick Dermody, Director of Strategic Initiatives at