National Grid Consumer Advocacy

National Grid Consumer Advocacy at Westcott Community Center

A National Grid Consumer Advocate is available to meet with consumers:

2nd Wednesday of every month

11:00 PM – 1:00 PM 

1st floor Community Room

As this is a walk-in service, appointments are not available.

National Grid employs Consumer Advocates to assist low-income and special needs customers facing financial hardship. Advocates are available to provide early intervention, information on a variety of assistance programs, crisis bill pay management, outreach and education.

Consumer Advocates also offer a variety of services to home-bound customers and provide presentations to consumer groups and agencies on energy saving tips, health and safety issues, payment options and preparation for power outages.

The company offers and supports a variety of helpful programs and payment options, including:

• Budget Plan – National Grid’s budget billing program helps to spread payments out evenly across the year, an option especially valuable to customers on a fixed income. The budget plan is free of charge, and customers can cancel at any time. Customers interested in enrolling or inquiring about their proposed Budget Plan amount may call 800-433-1837 or visit National Grid.
• Deferred Payment Agreement – Customers who have fallen behind on payments and cannot pay their bill in full may qualify to pay the past-due balance over time.
• Bill Extender Plan – Customers may be eligible for the Bill Extender Plan if their principal source of income is from Social Security or pension retirement benefits, or from disability benefits such as Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income. National Grid will extend payment due dates for qualified customers, providing up to 10 extra days to pay without being charged for late payment. This helps protect customers’ credit ratings and saves money on late payment fees.
• Consumer Appeals Team – National Grid’s appeals team is available to customers who may need to discuss additional payment options.

For money-saving energy efficiency tips, visit here.