8 Station Computer Resource Center

Made possible by a grant from The CNY Community Foundation


Our 8-station computer resource center consists of Intel® Core ™ i5-3470 Computer Processing Units operating Windows 7 and the Microsoft Office Suite. Each station has internet access.

Community members 18 and older are welcome to use the computer resource center Monday through Friday 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM. The resource center is made available to the community for job searching, resume creation and editing, checking email, paying bills, project research, etc.

Please observe the following guidelines so that everyone can benefit from these resources:

General information

  •   Advise reception office staff of malfunctioning equipment
  •   Refrain from eating or drinking in the computer resource center
  •   Respect others and our Center
  •   Speak quietly
  •   Share the room
  •   Be helpful and courteous
  •   Viewing of pornographic material and websites is NOT allowed

Before you leave

  •   Clean up the area around the station that you used
  •   Dispose of all trash in receptacles
  •   Place recyclables in recycling bin
  •   Leave computers on, close out of all programs, and log out
  •   From May – November, the air conditioner is to be kept on to extend the life of equipment